Transport company Goito

Goitese Trasporti Srl was founded in 1977 as a small company in the freight transport sector serving suppliers on the road. In our many years of business we have made some great strides forward. We initially possessed just four vehicles that were used primarily to transport agricultural bulk goods, but with the arrival of the latest generation equipment at our company we have started to specialise increasingly in the transport of a range of goods with the aid of crane trucks. Over time we have managed to acquire more and more previously undeveloped market segments, helping us to swell our client base and achieve considerable turnover.

Thanks to this, we have been able to acquire new vehicles and equipment, eventually reaching our current capacity of 20 vehicles.

We serve an exceptionally diverse client base, encompassing agriculture, industry and artisans.

Some of the most prestigious companies that we serve include:

Belleli Energy, Unical, Marconi, Ofmeco, Arca, Siem, Zinetti, Ferrarini Lamiere, Brutti Giancarlo, Industri Molitoria Perteghella, P.R.D., Sig Alfa, Kosme, Acma, Sacmi, Fintec, P.E., Montana, Sisma,. Tecno Grain, Marcold, Gelmar, Wolf Sistem, Tea, Goitese Legnami, Bi-Car, General Lift, Sicep, T.G.F., Italtactor, Euro Macchine, Valtellina, Spezia Prefabbricati, Martini Prefabbricati, Mantua Surgelati.

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